Latest Episode of Finding Christ in Cinema

On this episode of Finding Christ in Cinema, we fall down the Christmas Tree and land in Christmas Town as we look for Christian themes in THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. What can the Teacher of Ecclesiastes show us about Halloween Town? Why didn't Christmas go as Jack planned?


Latest Episode of The Theonauts

Is the Bible Inerrant? What does that even mean? In this episode we dive into the controversy of inerrancy as well as how this applies to church politics.

You're in good company...

This is a great podcast covering fun stuff, news, world events, and theology. This is a podcast that I really needed.There’s a couple great-minded hosts that have down to earth conversations touching on fun things, culture, events, scripture, and how these things affect us and our relationship with God.I just found myself getting engaged with the conversation and wanting to bring up a point (this podcast has real in-depth conversing) and a story from a scripture I couldn’t recall. Low and behold, David and Jeremiah come around covering what I was wanting to express and cover it from different angles with more depth…


I really enjoy listening to each episode. I’ve learned a few things here and there, it helps keep me current with the news, and I’ve gained some additional insights to things I already knew about. They discuss topics that many Christians are not aware of or don’t fully understand. They aren’t afraid to dig deep and I love that! David and Jeremiah’s personalities are charming and I find myself chuckling quite often. πŸ™‚


These guys are absolutely entertaining, inspiring and educational! Plenty of scripture read, expounded and examined every time. All with a good balance of humor, knowledge and loving spirit. 5 stars keep up the good work!! πŸ™‚


Great thoughts & interesting hosts. Check these guys out!!


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Meet the Digital Missionaries

This image is the Headshot for David Gaddy of The Theonauts podcast on the Great Commission Transmission Network

David Gaddy


David Gaddy was born and raised in a conservative Christian home and congregation. He committed himself to Christ and was baptized at age 14. He has been an active preacher in his church for the past 30 years and has served as a deacon for the past few years as well. He is a software engineer and a graphic designer by trade with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is a husband, father, and grandfather dedicated to Word of God.

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Michael Hansen


Michael Hansen is a Digital Missionary and the founder of the Great Commission Transmission Network. He has over 9 years of podcasting and Internet broadcasting experience. After producing and hosting over 500 podcast episodes on a variety of subjects, he is now focusing his time and talent in digital new media toward fulfilling the Great Commission. He is a follower of Jesus Christ, musician, recording engineer, husband, father, homeschooling dad, Bible student, Mouseketeer, and geek.

This image is the Headshot for Jeremiah Orr of The Theonauts podcast on the Great Commission Transmission Network

Jeremiah Orr


Jeremiah Orr was born on a Sunday morning, so he has missed only one worship service. Born a pastor's kid, Jeremiah has grown up in and around the American Christian Culture. Although he walked an isle at 10 years old to β€œpray a prayer and be baptized,” he truly did not surrender to the Lord Jesus until he was 20 years old. A graduate of the University of Nevada Reno, Jeremiah is currently ministering in Savoy, Texas along with his wife of 6 years, Christina.


Brenden Taylor


Brenden Taylor is an all-out performer in the Middle Tennessee area. He recently graduated from MTSU with a B.S. in Theatre and can usually be seen performing at Fly Arts Center or with the South of Broadway Players in his hometown of Shelbyville, TN. Ultimately, he strives to serve as a signpost that points people back to the God that created him and saved him from himself, and he feels that the best way to accomplish that is obey the blessed command: love one another.

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