Lothlorien Pt. 3, The Lord Of The Rings | SFP040

Frodo, Sam, and Legolas are on a talan in a mallorn tree at the biding Haldir the Elf of Lothlorien. Messengers of Elrond had given news of the travellers. When it is revealed that a dwarf is with them the Elves make it clear that he cannot pass through the Golden Wood. But Gimli is […]

Rest In Peace, GCTN. Arise! Shake Yourself From The Dust!

Greetings and felicitations, friends. A tragedy occurred here. Michael (co-host of Secret Fire Podcast and Finding Christ In Cinema) inadvertently “nuked” all of our websites. What that means is that nothing that has been published in the previous five years exists anymore. Needless to say, he is not very happy about this. In fact he’s […]

Lothlorien Pt. 2, The Lord Of The Rings | SFP039

The company has reached the eaves of Lothlorien – the Golden Wood – home to the Galadhrim. After traveling little more than a mile into the forest they came upon the Nimrodel, a stream with healing powers, named for the Elven-maid who lived beside it long ago. Join us as we continue our adventures through […]