A Call to Unity (feat. W. Carl Ketcherside)

This week we are minus one theonaut… so we are going to teach on Christian unity again by listening to one of the late W. Carl Ketcherside’s presentations given over 40 years ago.

A Call to Unity

Over 40 years ago W. Carl Ketcherside was a crusader for a movement of unity in Christian churches… starting with his own sectarian background. Carl devoted the second half of his life to this very costly venture of becoming a “peacemaker” instead of a “piece maker”. He often liked to say that when Christ enters, sectarianism has to leave.

Years later we are as divided as ever but we can still learn to change our thinking. Unity is not an impossible task otherwise, our Lord would not have asked for it in John 17 as He prayed for us.

So join us in listening to the thought-provoking words of this peacemaker and maybe we can help answer the call to stop being piece makers… and start being peacemakers.

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