A Woman’s Worth

Coming off of Mother’s Day we are studying the strength and beauty in all women and where we should all find our worth.

(Note of apology on the sound quality of this episode… our amateur recording skills sometimes still shows)

A Woman’s Worth – A study of Leah and Rachel

Where does today’s woman find her self-worth? Too many times society imposes expectations of beauty, social skills, and standards that are better ignored. Our goal in this episode is to honor women in the worth God has placed on them. We also hope men who listen will see the women in their lives the way God sees them. Find beauty in the same place God finds it.

We address how unimportant outer beauty is compared to the beauty that comes from being loving, compassionate, sympathetic, and nurturing. Jesus found women trustworthy, faithful, dedicated, and worthy to handle the most important message ever… the resurrection.

The story of Leah and Rachel will serve as the object lesson for this topic. Too often the love story of Jacob and Rachel is elevated to romantic proportions like a fairy tale. But they didn’t live happily ever after. Their life was fraught with sibling rivalry with Leah. So we want to look at where these women found their worth. For Leah, it was in getting the love of Jacob. For Rachel, it was in having children. In reality, their worth was found in a greater place as the mothers of the nation of Israel.

Ultimately, the preacher of Proverbs nailed it when he said, “Charm is deceitful and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised.”

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