Abraham and Isaac | The Theonauts

In this episode, the Theonauts continue the Types and Shadows series with an in-depth look at Abraham and Isaac. But we don’t stop there. Instead we look at how Isaac obtained his bride and the model that set for our relationship with Jesus.

Abraham and Isaac

This model of Jesus is one of the most recognizable types and shadows in the Old Testament. However, there are many more details which point to Christ that do not jump off the page. With a little bit of digging we can see just how strong and complex this particular model for Jesus is. We see how the Holy Spirit chose to word things and omit things to make that model even stronger.

We begin in Genesis 22 and carry the study on through Genesis 24 where Abraham sends his unnamed servant to his old homeland to find a bride for his son. At this point we begin to look at how Rebekah is chosen and exercises her free will to leave everything behind to bind herself to a bride-groom she has never met and how she follows and relies on the unnamed servant to get to him.

Join us as we dig a little deeper and see how much Jesus we can find in this beloved Bible story.

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