In this episode we dive into the minor prophet Amos. The message of producing justice through righteousness and avoiding empty worship is one we should all listen to.


In our ongoing study of minor prophets, we chose to focus on Amos which is often quoted for the wrong reasons. The point of the book is not Christian fellowship or a how-to book on worship practices. It is however, a scathing reprimand of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and a prophecy of their demise. Although worship is mentioned in the book, the Israelite’s problems were their lack of social justice, moral living, and idolatry. God’s message is that without justice and righteousness or even a general regard for God in your life, worship is worthless.

The book is divided into three main portions:

1-2 : Amos pronounces God’s judgment on the nations and ultimately Israel.

3-6 : A poetic reprimand of Israel and their issues.

7-9 : Visions of the Day of the Lord’s wrath on Israel

Our study will try to be as expositional as time permits. What we can take away from the Book of Amos could actually make us take a look at our own lives. Are we living out our salvation? Is justice in our minds? How do we worship? Are we just going through the motions or does it come from a heart that is filled with righteous love?

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