iGCTN: Assemble The Minions

Join us for this episode of iGCTN (Inside the Great Commission Transmission Network) as we assemble the Minions by adding Dave to our collection.

Assemble The Minions

The collection of Minions at the GCTNetwork studio is admittedly diminutive. But the addition of a Minion Dave vinyl figure brought much happiness. I don’t know what it is about Minions, but I will never forget the first time watching Despicable Me and being captivated by the sheer genius that created them. It’s a difficult thing, indeed, to create memorable characters. It is a whole other level of creativity to think into existence characters that bring such lasting joy to millions upon millions of people. That is no easy task. And I’d venture to say that it can be largely credited to serendipity as much as, if not more than, the imagination of the minds behind such things. That is, if one believes in chance. Which is a subject better suited for a Between You And Me episode than this fun-loving vlog.

What We Need Is A Schedule

assemble the minions, igctn, schedule, gctnetworkThe common thread in this episode is the new schedule that we came up with. GCTNetwork is run almost entirely by one person (we are accepting volunteers, though). As such, a large workload can be an unruly beast. A schedule helps. We invite you into the process of creating one. Now we know at-a-glance what needs to be done each day to produce the roster of shows we currently have. Not to mention two additional shows that are in the works. All thanks to the schedule.

And Wide Margins

assemble the minions, new inductive study bible, igctnA while ago we did a video called “Study Bibles Stink” where we laid out what things make for a good study Bible. The number one thing was that a good study Bible must have ample room to write your own notes. After much searching, we (that is the “royal we”, because it’s really me, Michael T) found the New Inductive Study Bible. And recently the company behind the New Inductive Study Bible, Precept Ministries International, released what may be the ultimate study Bible. It has wide margins, leather bound cover, and available in the English Standard Version (ESV) – my new favorite translation. Now, assemble the Minions for some Bible study!

You’ll find all this and more (like Ben Affleck cast as Batman, and J.J. Abrams filming the next Star Wars movie on 35mm film) on this episode of iGCTN – Inside the Great Commission Transmission Network.

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