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The atheist mega church movement is here. What can Christians learn from it? We talk about it on this episode of our youth ministry podcast, Youth Challenge Today.

What Is The Atheist Mega Church Movement?

atheist mega church, atheist mega churches, atheist church, sunday assembly, youth challenge today, youth ministry, podcast, gctn, gctnetwork, great commission transmission networkThere are nearly 3 dozen gatherings around the world dubbed Atheist Mega-Churches. This movement is fueled by social media and spearheaded by two British comedians – but this is not a joke. They are using crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo to raise large sums of money to fund the building of more of these churches. Look at the name of their funding page – Godless Congregations for All: The Sunday Assembly Global PlatformWe take a closer look at the atheist mega church movement and see what it means for Christians, and what we can learn from it.

Youth Challenge Today

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YCT is the show where we explore the things that challenge you in your day to day life as well as equipping you to rise to the call of following Jesus. We’ll challenge you; you challenge us; and together we’ll be stronger in Him.

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QUESTION: What would be the best way to talk about God with a friend that attends an atheist church? Let us know in the comments below.

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