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In this video excerpt from Youth Challenge Today #10 we present the story of the baptism of an 81 year old man just a day before he passed away.

Greatest Baptism Story Of All Time

Is this really the greatest baptism story of all time? That’s a mighty bold claim. But it is probably the best that we’ve heard. Youth Challenge Today co-host, Josh Schwartz, is a church of Christ youth minister. He had the awesome honor of participating in the baptism of an 81 year old cancer patient – a man that wondered how God could accept him after a lifetime rejecting the Gospel call. After a loving family member shared with him the parable of the laborers in the vineyard – as found in Matthew chapter 20 – the man made the decision to trust Jesus for salvation. Josh helped to escort this man into the Kingdom just a day before the angels escorted him into God’s presence for eternity.

Amazing Grace

youth challenge today, youth ministry, youth ministry podcast, baptism, church of christThis is a story of God’s amazing grace. We’ve edited it down to a bite-sized video that is perfect for sharing with a loved one who is in a similar situation. Many of us may know someone that has difficulty believing that God could accept them. They may say things like, “I’ve done too many bad things.” They need to know that Jehovah offers forgiveness and mercy all the way to the very last moments of this life. His word says so. Amen.

This Is Your Youth Challenge Today

Youth Challenge Today is an audio podcast for young people. New episodes are normally available every two weeks, and are produced by the Great Commission Transmission Network. Videos like this are released during the “off” weeks, and contain an edited version of one of the topics discussed on the previous episode. Our hope is that these videos will provide an easy way to help you start a conversation about Jesus with your friends and loved-ones. For more information, and to hear the full-length audio podcasts, visit the Youth Challenge Today website. To view the video playlist for YCT, visit our YouTube page using this link.

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