Book of James: Chapter 2

Today we continue our series on the Book of James. This week we talk about partiality and chapter 2… oh and works.

James 2

This week we move on into the second chapter of the Book of James, which is a very interesting study. Part of the goal in this study is to show that the Book is not a random collection of words to live by or doctrinal statements. Instead it is a cohesive narrative about how saved individuals act in contrast to the religious elite. The discussion of works in this chapter often takes center stage due to the extreme language James uses around it. However, when taken into context we find that James is a proponent of salvation by faith and does not contradict the writings of Paul on the subject.

Join us as we dive into the meat of James Chapter 2. A study on self-righteousness, mercy over judgment, and how loving others exemplifies a salvific faith.

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