Book of James: Chapter 3

Part 3 of our series on James has us looking into chapter 3 and the power of the tongue. Tune in to see how this ties into the overall message of James.

James 3

Chapter 3 of the Book of James is taught often about how we need to watch our mouths. Is James just giving us random antidotes on how to behave? Or is there a cohesive line of thinking that takes us through this letter?

Today we will examine why James addresses the importance of controlling our tongues. The overall message here is to be doers and not just hearers; to be impartial and loving to others; to stop speaking religion and start living like Christ. James is writing to people who are aspiring to looking good, being honored as religious, and having a lot of wisdom to impart. Chapter 3 is a warning of how this motivation can cause us to say things that can be destructive and irreparable.

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