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When you are challenged about your faith what do you do? We answer a recent commenter who says that Christians cannot love like atheists do – with boundless compassion. And we pray that we do so with gentleness and respect. Listen to this episode of the Youth Challenge Today podcast to hear all about it.

Boundless Compassion And Love

On episode 19 of our youth ministry podcast, Youth Challenge Today, we responded to a comment that was left on the GCTNetwork YouTube channel. On our video titled “Answering The Atheist Church” this statement was made:

I like your challenge to do better and be greater but sadly I think Christianity is destined to fail. You cannot love homosexuals, atheists, transgender, drug users and others with counter biblical world views like they need to be loved i [sic] the same way that atheists will. We ACTUALLY accept people and love them – not just say we do and stab them with a cross when they turn their back. Your competition is boundless compassion and love – real compassion and love. Good luck.

compassion, boundless compassion, love, jesus, youth ministry, christian, youth challenge today, podcast, gctn, gctnetwork, great commission transmission networkBefore you ruminate (think deeply) on this comment notice something first: The person who left it is really doing so in a kind way. The first 10 words are very positive. I like your challenge to do better and be greater… Then the commenter went on to make a very impassioned case for the second part of that sentence. You may even feel a sting from the remainder of the comment. The question is: Does the commenter make a valid and convicting point? Then we must ask, What is boundless compassion and love, and what does that look like? 

Let’s talk about it. Click on the audio player at the top of the post to listen to the show.

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QUESTION: In what Christ honoring way would you have responded to the commenter? Let us know.


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