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In INKHEART, Mo has a spiritual gift that he hides in order to protect his loved ones. Meanwhile, he looks for his wife like Jesus looking for a lost sheep.

This image is of the poster from the film Inkheart starring Brendan Fraser

Spiritual Gifts

In this film, we see a phenomenal skill: the ability to literally bring to life that which has been read aloud. Mortimer “Mo” Folchart has this gift, but he choose not to use it because he lost his wife the last time he did so. He is eventually has to choose, though, between still hiding his gift and using it to help his daughter and mother-in-law. He of course uses it to save their lives, and the story goes on.

It shows us that whenever we hide our own spiritual gifts for some reason or another, we may eventually be brought to a point where the spiritual lives of our loved ones are at stake. We then realize that we should have been “letting our light shine before men” as Jesus describes in Matthew 5:14-16 not so that we ourselves can be glorified, but so our heavenly Father can be glorified.

The Lost Sheep

Even after he saves his daughter and mother-in-law, however, Mo still incessantly searches for his wife Resa who went into the book when Capricorn, Basta, and Dustfinger came out. Once he finds the book, he thinks he can read her back out into reality.

Jesus also incessantly searches for anyone that wanders away from His fold like a shepherd who leaves his pen to find a lost sheep as He describes in Luke 15:3-7. Jesus will leave the ones He knows are safe and seek out the lost one. The hard part for us is getting out of our comfort zones, but if we really love the one for whom we are searching, our discomfort won’t matter.

Christian Themes In Inkheart

In Finding Christ In Cinema we dig deeper into the silver-screen classics of yesteryear as well as the box-office hits of today. We take a closer look at the stories they tell and see if we find the face of Jesus looking back. Together we explore the deeper meanings of these films; their plots and their twists; the characters and their choices; and see how we can relate them to the gospel of salvation and ultimately our Christian walk.

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