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In STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, we discuss how Spock, Kirk, and God all work from the inside out to save their people in order to keep giving second chances.

This image shows the USS Starship Enterprise in J.J. Abrams' 2013 film, Star Trek Into Darkness.

The Core Of The Problem

Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock are the dynamic duo of the Star Trek enterprise (no pun intended…). They embrace whatever they have in common, and they compromise on whatever they don’t; that kind of relationship is what leads the Enterprise. Something specific they share is the willingness and ability to literally go down to the core of any situation and sacrifice themselves if it can save other people. Spock goes inside an active volcano to plant a cold fusion device which will freeze the lava upon detonation and save the Nibiru civilization. Kirk, after his ship has taken a few deathly blows from Marcus and Khan, goes down to the highly radioactive core of the Enterprise so as to realign the power generator and save his crew. To stop the God comparison simply at self-sacrifice would be a crime; just as Spock and Kirk literally work from the inside out to save others, so God works from the inside out to save us. Read Philippians 2:13 to see this in action.

The God Of Second Chances

This only points to God’s perfect nature in a way that we humans can’t really understand; why would God want to save us from disaster and death after we continually sin against him? It’s because he’s a God of second chances. We can see this in the film through Admiral Pike’s relationship with Captain Kirk. Because of Kirk’s rebellious (albeit well-meant) actions, Pike had to punish him by taking from him the Enterprise. However, because Pike still values Kirk, he has him reinstated as First Officer. Just as Starfleet reinstates Kirk as the First Officer of the Enterprise after his change of heart, God will and already has reinstated us as the stewards of His good creation. The allegory continues: just as Kirk has been reconciled with Starfleet through these events, we are also reconciled with God because of his grace and mercy. Check out Joel 2:13 if you want to read it in God’s own words.

Christian Themes In Star Trek Into Darkness

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