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Life in the Glade is pretty hard. There exists a type of social structure, but the main arbiter of law is the fear of death. It’s like this because these boys are only surviving and are living without vision (Proverbs 29:18). Within the Maze also is death because the Grievers have a reputation for not letting anyone get out alive if trapped inside before sundown. Enter Thomas, a young man who does have a “vision” of what life is like on the outside, and he is convinced that life is better beyond the Glade. These visions drive him to act upon achieving the kind of peace of mind that can only be attained once they escape the Maze.

This image is of the poster for The Maze Runner film.He firmly believes, however, that the only way to that better life is through the Maze that is full of death. He believes and is sure of something that he can’t yet fully understand but can indeed hope for. Thomas’s character could then be understood and compared to a believer engaging a group of non-believers. Thomas acknowledges the fact that the team will not be able to enjoy whatever lies beyond the Maze until they suffer through – a sentiment which perfectly aligns with Paul’s words regarding present suffering for future glory in Romans 8:17-18.

But Thomas’s character could be understood more deeply; yes, Thomas can be understood as a Christ-figure. Firstly because Thomas was somehow involved in the creation of the Glade and the Maze just as the Word was with God and the Word was God. Secondly, just as God divested himself of his full radiance by taking on flesh, Thomas took on a type of new skin when he arrived in the Glade with no solid recollection of how he got there. Most importantly, though, because Thomas survived the certain sting of death in the Maze – but really, he defeated death by killing the Griever – he can be compared to Jesus defeating death on the cross and coming out alive.

Either way, the Christian is bound to a life of suffering if he or she wants to enjoy the presence of God after the veil of this world is lifted. Until then, we’re either spinning our wheels in the Glade or working out our salvation with fear and trembling from within the Maze.

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