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On this episode of Finding Christ in Cinema, we stand between the Giant Robots and Giant Monsters as we look for Christian themes in PACIFIC RIM. What can Drift Compatibility show us about Unity in the Church? That our unity on the inside will affect how we do God’s work on the outside?

The film Pacific Rim hosts a world overrun by alien sea monsters with plans of destruction for the human race, and the only worthwhile resistance can be found in the Jaeger (German for “hunter”) Program. But piloting a Jaeger proved too much for just one pilot both physically and mentally, so the engineers designed a two-person operating system (so as to mimic the unity of the left and right hemispheres of the brain), and that proved to be the better option.

This image show the movie poster for the Warner Bros. Pictures film, Pacific Rim.

PACIFIC RIM is a great movie to use for telling friends about Jesus and his Church.

These two pilots have to have a special bond, one that transcends comparable physicality and mentality (although those certainly are a part of it). The two pilots have to be Drift compatible with each other; that is, the two pilots have to be so in tune with each other while inside the Drift (the space between their collective conscience and that of the Jaeger) and while unified on the other side that each will be able to be strong for the other when the other is weak.

That’s the kind of dynamic that God has created for His Church when it comes to spiritual gifts. He’s given some gifts to and withheld some gifts from some people while simultaneously giving other gifts to and withholding other gifts from other believers. He does this so as to create a culture of codependency in which believers have to rely on each other in order to love and serve God by loving and serving those whom God has told us to love and serve.

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