Demonic Possession

What are demons? What do they do? Are they still active today? Can Christians be possessed? Today we talk about demons and discuss these questions and more!

Demonic Possession

There are a lot of opinions about demonic possession as well as a lot of questions. We may not have all the answers, but when has that stopped us from talking about it? Today we want to dive into demons and their workings both past and present to determine what’s going on if anything.

Just a few examples of demonic possession:

Matthew 8:28-34 – Gadarene demoniacs and the pigs
Mark 9:14-29 – The boy throwing himself into the fire
Act 16:16-19 – The fortunetelling girl

A few facts about demons:

They were terrified of Christ and the gospel (Matt. 8:29; Mark 1:24; James 2:19).
They obeyed Christ (Matt. 8:32).
They obeyed the Twelve (Matt. 10:1–8) and the Seventy-Two (Luke 10:17–20).
They cannot separate believers in Christ from the love of God (Rom. 8:38).
They can be restrained by the Holy Spirit (1 John 4:4).

Demon possession and the Christian

Matthew 12:43-45 – Is our house empty and prepared for demonic attack or is our house inhabited with the one who is greater than the ones in this world?

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