iGCTN: Where No Digital Missionary Has Gone Before

On this look Inside the Great Commission Transmission Network we boldly go where no Digital Missionary has gone before!

What is a Digital Missionary?

digital missionary, igctn, great commission transmission network, gctnetwork, christian geek, vlog, video blog, youth challenge today, yct, youth ministry, podcastIf you are new to the GCTNetwork then you are definitely new to this particular vlog called iGCTN; which is short for inside the Great Commission Transmission Network. And if you’ve watched this (or any other) episode of iGCTN before reading this you are most likely very confused. The Great Commission Transmission Network is a Christian ministry that travels what at one time was widely known as the Information Superhighway. Now we refer to it simply as The Internet. And the Internet serves bits – which are digital. Young people more and more consume their media via the Internet. More specifically they consume New Media. Read the Wikipedia article that I just linked to for a thorough explanation of what New Media is. In a nutshell it is content created by anybody, about anything, in any format, delivered digitally to anyone on a myriad of personal devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc). I is available to be consumed whenever and wherever the recipient choses. New Media is amazingly powerful. Exponentially more so than Old Media. Limitless communication all thanks to the Digital Revolution. And therefore, because I have chosen New Media as the means to spread the gospel I am a Digital Missionary. So are all those involved in the GCTNetwork – wether show hosts, writers, producers, graphic artists, editors, donors and supporters, or any other capacity which furthers the Kingdom by way of this ministry.

The Headless Horseman Abides

brenden taylor, headless horseman, fly arts center, fly cultural arts center, shelbyville, tennessee, digital missionary, igctn, great commission transmission network, gctnetwork, christian geek, vlog, video blogBut enough of that technical stuff! This show, iGCTN, has no purpose but to entertain. It is a peak behind-the-scenes at the GCTNetwork studio and beyond. I take you along for about 3 days of my weeks to show you what goes on around here. And some people find it fun. Quick rundown: On this episode we celebrate a birthday with another trip to Cathay Asian Bistro (we were there a couple episode ago) for more sushi. We add Carl the Minion to the studio collection. I show-off my Captain Kirk bathrobe (aff) because I am a Christian Geek; and proud of it! Not the bad kind of pride, mind you. I’m just a geek, and I like it. I’ll tell you a little bit about our plans for a live webcam and how we’ll use it. We go back to Sleepy Hollow for a second weekend of the Headless Horseman at The Fly Cultural Arts Center in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Our friend and fellow GCTNetwork Digital Missionary, Brenden Taylor did a great job as Brom Bones, and you’ll see a little bit of it. I also give a brief description of how I put together the Youth Challenge Today videos, and talk about a new video series that’s coming soon.

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