iGCTN: We’re Finding Christ In Cinema

We’re finding Finding Christ In Cinema on this look inside the Great Commission Transmission Network.

Finding Christ In Cinema

After much thought, planning, and deliberation, we have officially begun working on the new audio podcast from the GCTNetwork, Finding Christ In Cinema – and we have video proof! Brenden came over to the studio one night and we knocked out the intro copy. That is the show’s introduction text that tells listeners exactly what to expect from the show. It has to be right. The intro copy is the framework that the entire show is built upon. Get it right and a great show is more likely to follow. We feel that we got the intro to Finding Christ In Cinema right. Listen for the debut episode soon.

Editing Podcasts

igctn, inside the great commission transmission network, gctnetwork, gctn, vlog, finding christ, finding christ in cinema, christian, podcast, podcast studio, podcasting studioThe new Finding Christ In Cinema podcast will be edited – much like our youth ministry show, Youth Challenge Today – using Garageband. For YCT we record the show “live to tape” – meaning, what you hear is what we heard. We don’t stop or record separate segments, then edit them together after. Jingles, stingers, sweeps, sound clips are all played in real time. The exception is the intro and outro music; that is added during editing, as is the intro vocal that recaps what will be heard during the episode. Often the intro is recorded days later. I show you a sampling of the process in this video.

The Podcasting Studio

igctn, inside the great commission transmission network, gctnetwork, gctn, vlog, christian, podcast, podcast studio, podcasting studioThanks to the generous donation of a supporter I ordered some some new hardware for the GCTNetwork podcasting studio. During assembly it became apparent that things needed to be rearranged in order to accommodate the new equipment. So I spent the better part of a night and the next morning tearing-down the broadcasting and recording set-up and re-assembling it all in a much better configuration. I’ll show you the results in the video.

All that and much more on this episode of our behind-the-scenes look inside the Great Commission Transmission Network.

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