Francis of Assisi

Today we begin an ongoing series on great men of faith. On this episode we focus on the biography of Francis of Assisi.

St. Francis of Assisi

One of the most prolific men of faith in Christian history was Francis of Assisi. Frank is unique in that his notoriety doesn’t come from his exhaustive theological writings or his great sermons. But instead simply from a lifestyle he chose which seemed so radical to his community, that he could not help but be noticed.

Francis’s goal was to emulate Jesus to such a great degree that he forsook his wealthy lifestyle for one of poverty. He chose to love the unloved. He chose to live and worship among nature. He even chose others to disciple in his emulation of Jesus. The Catholic Church was pretty much forced to accept him and the people loved him dearly.

He was the founder of a society of monks and died of complications from wounds which mirrored those of Jesus. Join us as we celebrate Francis’s life and talk about how we could use more guys like him.

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