Giants in the Bible | The Theonauts

In this episode we dive into some of the mysteries of the Bible that all seem to begin with giants walking upon the Earth prior to the flood.

Giants in the Bible

It all starts in Genesis 6:1-4 and is expanded upon in books that are endorsed by the Holy Bible itself. The Book of Enoch is given validity by Jude and Peter in our New Testament. The Book of Jasher and the Book of Jubilees are both referenced in our Old Testaments. These are not holy books, but instead clarifying historical accounts which fill in some of the gaps in the Biblical narrative. None of them contradict scripture but agree with the text and with each other.

We’ll talk about some cryptozoology, human-animal hybrids, the ancient pagan gods and how they may be grounded with a kernel of actual history. Why did God command genocide of some races in Canaan? Could it be related to the atrocity of corrupted gigantic genetics?

Can these theories also help explain some of the mysteries surrounding the great pyramid of Giza or other ancient monoliths?

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