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In this episode we discuss God and war and the Christian ethic. Does God ever call us to arms? Is there ever a time when it becomes necessary to take a human life? Is the God of the Old Testament a cruel vindictive deity calling for the mass annihilation of other races?

God and War

How can we reconcile this God with the one Jesus claims love the entire world and wishes that none should perish? We take a look back to see why God uses war, and why He deems it necessary to fulfill His greater plan of Redemption for mankind. We look at the type of people God calls to war against, and how he uses war to punish evil and enact judgment and justice upon man.

We examine what Jesus has to say about loving our enemies, and what it really means to turn the other cheek. We also discuss hypothetical situations in which we might just be called to take a life in the name of justice. We talk about our nature as Kingdom citizens who are in a foreign land.

Does Paul really tell us to obey every leader in government?

What if that leader turns out to be evil, such as Hitler?

Does Jesus contradict himself when he tells Peter to put away his sword, yet tells his other disciples to go and purchase weapons?

When it comes down to it, should Christians ever have a hand in fighting?

Listen in to ponder this and more as we explore the vast reaches of God’s word

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