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Does the Bible really say that God hates sinners? Verses such as Psalm 5:5; 7:11, and 26:5 seem to say so. In fact, it even says that God loved Jacob but hated his brother Esau in Romans 9!

We at Theonauts seek to reconcile verses that invoke the hatred of God on mankind verses other scriptures that tell us of God’slove for humanity. We learn that 14 times in the first 50 psalms we see God’s hatred of sin/sinners; yet in Romans 5 we read that God loved us while we were still sinning and enemies with Him.

We discover that because of His very nature of holiness and righteousness, God must hate sin. He also pours out His wrath upon all unrighteousness.

We discover who evildoers is actually referring to (hint: everyone) according to Roman 3 and Psalms 14. But we also discover that God created us for Love and relationship.

That sin was the result of a choice against God’s desire, and created a great gulf that separates us from God. Therefore, God loved us so much (and hates sin so much) that he sent His only Son to bear His wrath on the cross so that we might be reconciled to Him. (John 3:16)

Therefore, we at Theonauts must conclude that God loved us even while we were His enemies! How awesome is that?! How then can we reconcile the verses that say God hates us? Tune in to find out what metonymy means, and to discover why it is the key to unraveling this great mystery.

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