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First off, the Theonauts would like to say a big THANK YOU to fathers everywhere!

God the Father

On this episode of Theonauts we discuss the imagery of God as father in Scripture. Join us as we dive in to both the Old and New Testament to discover when and where God is called father in the Bible. Is there significance in the fact that God is only called Father less than ten times in the Old Testament, yet close to 200 times in the New?

We discover that Jesus seems to use the metaphor of God as Father almost more than any other metaphor. Why is this? Was Jesus trying to show the point that it’s a relationship rather than a religion? What does it mean to be a Child of God? How well does that metaphor work on children who grew up fatherless or without good fathers?

How can we use this idea of God as our Father in our lives as followers of Christ? We look into what a good father does for his children. What about discipline? Is fear really at the heart of love? Why does a good father discipline his children? Listen in as we take a look at the parable of the prodigal son, and how it relates to God as the good father. We also look at the idea of being born again. How does adoption play into this metaphor?

We use Paul’s writing in Romans 8 to show how we are related to God our King. We also ask the question about whether we should be looking at our riches in Christ or as our Heavenly Father as the true treasure. Join us as we look at the life-changing idea of God the Father on this episode of the Theonauts!

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