Good News Part 1: The Bad News

Today we start a 4 part study on the gospel. We’re calling it Good News. But before we talk about good news we have to talk about the bad news.

Good News Part 1: The Bad News

Tune in to see how totally useless we are when it comes to being obedient servants of God.

We fail. We will continue to fail. It is part of the curse of this fallen world. We were born to fail.

In this episode, we hope to help us come to know that we need help. All of us. It is easy to get into religion, then become convinced we are perhaps better people that what we are. We can also become hypocrites without even realizing it. But true salvation begins when we reach that point where we realize the law simply shows us where we are failing. When we can admit we can’t do it alone.

By nature, we are slaves to this sinful flesh… and that separates us from God. This is the bad news. But tune in next time to get the fuller picture.

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