Habakkuk is a minor prophet of the Old Testament. Join us in an expository study of this book about doubt, fear, oppression, and ultimately living by faith.


Historical background: Habakkuk is not mentioned in any other scriptures aside from the book that bears his name. He does however have a very minor role in the extra-biblical book, Bel and the Dragon (from the Apocrypha). The context of the dialog however gives us an idea that the book was written prior to the Babylonian captivity of Israel. We are estimating the setting to be about 620 BC.

This book is an awesome study on persevering trials through faith. It is eloquently delivered through a dialog Habakkuk has with God. The first two chapters present these dialogs. The third chapter is Habakkuk’s response of praise as a result of God’s lesson to him…

The righteous shall live by faith

This is the message of the book and one that we can take with us in our lives as well.

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