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On our recent trip to Haiti, we had the great honor and pleasure to interview a Haitian local who is making a huge difference in his community for Christ. Pastor John has started a grassroots ministry called Success Ministries. With the help of a few American non-profits he has been teaching, clothing, feeding, and helping his community with a focus on the children of the village.

In this interview we talk about his faith and his testimony. We talk about the impact the earthquake of 2010 had on the spirituality of Haiti and we talk about the work he is doing to help the least of these.

Haitian Ministry

While many American charities are helping Haiti in their own ways, this situation is quite different in that it is a Haitian ministry created and ran by Haitians. The only American influences in the work has been through some partnerships John has made with some small non-profits in America which are happy to help without interfering with his vision or methodology.

Please take the time to listen to this man explain his passion for his Haitian brothers and sisters through the love of Christ. We were honored to work with this man for a few days and never cease to be amazed by his faith and his walk.


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