High Priest of the Resurrection

This year as we celebrate the resurrection, we dive into the details of how it ties into Jesus’ priesthood and the heavenly atonement.

High Priest of the Resurrection

The Theonauts recently celebrated the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord at a wilderness retreat where we heard an interesting study on the fulfillment of Jesus as High Priest by our friend and fellow Theonaut, Mike Mahoney. This week we invited him onto the show to share some of his insight into the resurrection event. As we mine for nuggets of gold from the word of God we will examine how elements of the Book of Hebrews ties in directly to some of the strange events surrounding the resurrection morning.

We believe there is nothing incidental or trivial about the word of God. When the Holy Spirit inspired writers to include details that may even seem inconsequential, there is a reason. There are details given in the text surrounding resurrection morning that have often boggled our minds or maybe just seem like unnecessary details. Today we will examine questions like:

Why did Mary think Jesus was just a gardener and not recognize him until he spoke her name?

Why did Jesus tell Mary, “Do not touch me for I have not yet ascended to my Father”?

What was the significance of the two angels sitting in the tomb?

Why does the text go into detail about Jesus’ linens and face napkin?

Granted there are many theories and postulations out there about these questions. Some of these questions you may not have even thought about. Today we will try to tie them into a model that brings even more power to the day Jesus stepped out of the tomb.

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