Today we do a study on homiletics or how we should present God’s Word. Primarily we want to tackle the hot topic of Expository Preaching versus Topical Preaching.


Homiletics is a term that refers to the art and methods of publicly presenting the Bible and the doctrines therein. Preaching styles, etc. There are a lot of subtopics we could discuss on this. However today we want to address the common debate between expository preaching versus topical preaching.

The current trend, especially among seminarians, is to stick solely with expository preaching in lieu of topical preaching. Today we want to address as to whether or not this is throwing the baby out with the bath wash.

Is topical preaching inherently bad? Are there times when expository preaching can actually be a hindrance to discipling a congregation? Join us as we discuss the pros and cons of each style and what the real issues should be in determining what is preached and how.

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