iGCTN: Internet Atheism Overview

What is Internet Atheism? In this look inside the Great Commission Transmission Network we provide a brief overview of an article titled, “The Simple World of Internet Atheism” where we find out.

The Internet Atheism Phenomenon

internet atheism, igctn, inside the great commission transmission network, gctnetwork, podcast studioAccording to Tom Gilson (unfortunately, I mis-pronounced his last name in the video due to my own typing error), writing on The Poached Egg, Internet Atheism is “a new social and religious phenomenon that arose with the Internet and could not thrive without it” [emphasis added]. One of the factors he uses to define Internet Atheism is its black-and-white simplicity. An example would be to say that science is good and smart, and religion is bad and monolithically stupid. He argues how unlikely it is that the world is so evenly divided; so black-and-white; so simple. Please read the article keeping in mind that he is addressing a very particular kind of Atheism: the kind that falls under the spell of “groupthink”. In fact the same kind of groupthink can affect us Christians if we aren’t careful to present ourselves to God as one approved by “rightly handling the word of truth” II Tim 2:15 (ESV), or always being “prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect” I Pet. 3:15 (ESV) [emphasis added].

And Even More Fun

internet atheism, mickey mouse, coffee mugIf you’ve watched past episodes of iGCTN you know that this vlog is not about anything – it is about everything that happens behind-the-scenes at the Great Commission Transmission Network studio. So, yes, there is footage of video and audio editing, but there is also fun. Sidebar: I consider audio and video editing to be fun, but understand that most normal people do not. So with that in mind I’ll take you to The Fly Arts Center – where you’ll see Brenden Taylor (guest co-host on Youth Challenge Today episodes 6 and 7) playing a ukelele to the delight of my daughter. I’ll show you my brand new Mickey Mouse mug (you know I collect those). We’ll also find some strange uses for Minions on household products, and much more on this episode of Inside the Great Commission Transmission Network.

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