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A year-end list we can believe in! Jesus is number on the roster of most significant figures in human history, according to a new study. Find out how young Christians can use this to talk with friends about God. Plus we have a “Contest of Contentment” and a sure-fire temptation buster – all on this episode of Youth Challenge Today.

Jesus Is Number One

youth challenge today, youth ministry, podcast, jesus is number one, most historically significant person ever, jesusJesus Christ has been named (affiliate) the most significant person in human history ever by two computer scientists. They used algorithms and Wikipedia activity to rank over a thousand historical and prominent figures. Their conclusion: “We would call Jesus ‘The most significant person ever’. With over 2 billion followers a full 2,000 years after his death.” How could you use this study to start a conversation with friends about Jesus?

We have the first ever game on this episode of Youth Challenge Today. A “count your blessings” sort of challenge. Listen to the podcast to see who wins. Try this contest with friends and family and see if it doesn’t get you to really consider all that God has done for you. Can you find Bible verses that tell of God’s promises in your life? Let us know in the comments below.

There is much more on this  16th episode of our youth ministry podcast. To read the full show notes visit the original post on the Youth Challenge Today site.

Your Youth Challenge Today

YCT is the show where we explore the things that challenge you in your day to day life as well as equipping you to rise to the call of following Jesus. We’ll challenge you; you challenge us; and together we’ll be stronger in Him.

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QUESTION: How can Christ-followers show others that Jesus is number one in our lives? Let us know in the comments below.


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