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Jesus said the sign of Jonah would be the only sign he would give those seeking a sign. Sounds like what happened to Jonah could be pretty important to our faith in Jesus Christ. How far can we take the model Jesus started with that statement? Can we see ourselves in the story of Jonah as well? Tune in to share this fun study with us. There’s more to it than just a “Children’s Bible Story”.

Types and Shadows in the Book of Jonah

Jonah as Christ (Matthew 12:40)

From the province of Galilee (2 Kings 14:25 / John 7:51-52)
Because of the infinite love of God for a lost and wayward people, Jonah was sent on a mission of revelation, condemnation and redemption. (Jonah 1:2 / 1 Tim 1:15)
This message extended to Gentiles
Jonah started in Joppa which is where Peter received the Gentile acceptance vision; Jonah was sent to the Assyrians.
Jesus and the Centurion, Phoenician Woman, etc.
Slept through the storm (Jonah 1:6 / Mark 4:38)
After conviction, Jonah was a willing sacrifice.  (Jonah 2:2-3 / John 10:18)
Three days in the grave.  (Jonah 2:5-6)
The grave could not hold him.  (Jonah 2:10 / Acts 2:24)
People repent at his word. (Jonah 3:4-5 / Matthew 4:17)

2) Jonah and us
Fear  (Jonah 1:3 / Jonah 4:2-3)
Running  (Romans 3:12)
Despair  (Jonah 1:12)
Die to ourselves  (Matthew 10:38-39)
Repent (Jonah 2:7-9 / Acts 2:37-38)
Called (Jonah 3:2-3 / Matthew 28:19-20)
Religious Pride – Older brother syndrome (Prodigal Son Parable)

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