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After a night spent in the great cavernous hall in Moria, oppressed by the chill air and darkness all about, Sam wondered what could drive the dwarves to make such holes. Gimli, slighted at the insult, rose and began to chant the Song of Durin. Join us as we continue our adventure through the Lord of the Rings, A Journey in the Dark.

A Journey In The Dark, Pt. 3

Holes! “These are not holes,” said Gimli. “This is the great realm and city of the Dwarrowdelf.” And in the olden times it was not dark. It was full of light and splendor. And Durin’s Folk remember it through songs. Gimli began to chant while the echoes ran away into the roof.

The world was young, the mountains green,
No stain yet on the Moon was seen,
No words were laid on stream or stone
When Durin woke and walked alone.

He named the nameless hills and dells;
He drank from yet untasted wells;
He stooped and looked in Mirrormere,
And saw a crown of stars appear,
As gems upon a silver thread,
Above the shadow of his head.

The Lord of the Rings, A Journey in the Dark, p. 315

Mithril and The Law

Once Gimli finished the Song of Durin, Sam – after expressing his appreciation – wondered if there were still piles of jewels and gold to be found in Khazad-dûm. The dwarf remained silent, but Gandalf answered. No, the gold had been plundered. It is Mithril that the dwarves want: true-silver, some have called it. It was the foundation of their wealth – and their destruction.

How is the tale of the dwarves like the Israelites in the days of King Josiah? During his reformation in Judah the high priest found the lost book of the Law in the dilapidated Temple in Jerusalem. How could they have lost the Law? The connection may be in the regard that each had for their respective treasure. We look deeper into each on this episode of the Secret Fire Podcast.

Middle-earth Music

In this episode we play two musical interpretations of the Song of Durin. We believe that you will enjoy both, and will want to have them in your collection of Tolkien and Middle-earth inspired music.

We also include a third version here for your enjoyment by Clamavi de Profundis

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