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Find out how Jesus is constantly modeled through the deliverers of the Book of Judges. Today we look at the first two judges of Israel, Othniel and Ehud.

Types and Shadows in Judges: Othniel

  • Othniel means Testimony of God – Just like Jesus actually is.
  • Othniel’s wife is won by his deliverance – We are the bride and won through deliverance
  • Delivered the nation from evil – Jesus delivers us from evil

Types and Shadows in Judges: Ehud and Eglon

  • Eglon is fat and disgusting – like sin
  • Israel is dominated under Moab – like we are under sin or Israel is by Rome
  • Ehud’s name means “I will give thanks; I will be praised” – Both natures of Christ
  • Ehud was a Benjamite which means “Son of the Right Hand” but he was left-handed. – Christ was God and man (Phil 2)
  • Ehud was the son of Gera meaning “Cud, Grain, and Sojourner” – Jesus was the word to meditate (cud), the grain of wheat to produce fruit (John 12:24), and a sojourner in the Earth (Matt 8:20)
  • He used a double-edged sword – This is the word of God (Heb 4:12)
  • He wore it on his thigh – Jesus’ word is on his thigh, clothes, and in his mouth (Rev 19:13-16)
  • He faced Eglon alone – Jesus went to the cross forsaken of friends
  • The dung came out when the deed was done – The sin was expelled when Christ died
  • Ehud locked the fallen king behind the door – Jesus locked sin away from us we are no longer bound to it
  • With a final trump, Ehud conquered all the enemy’s army – With a final trump Jesus will vanquish his enemies

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