Law and the Antinomian

This week we revisit the concept of law and grace and how much law we fall under today. Are we antinomian? Tune in to find out.

Law and the Antinomian

Today we are discussing what many consider to be a heresy. Martin Luther coined the term antinomian to describe someone in the Christian faith who believes that Christians are no longer bound under any law. Is there validity to this stance? Is there possibly a disagreement in terms or semantics that leads us to different views of this? Is antinomianism the same as “greasy grace”?

We will be discussing first off the historic context of this term and what exactly Martin Luther was trying to refute. Then we will talk on what Martin Luther and the Apostle Paul believed and taught concerning the law and Christianity.

Are we under a law today? Was God’s law meant to be divided into different parts? Is part of the law still binding?

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