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In this, our first ever voicemail show, we devote our time to catching up after our Haiti trip, news, and then we dive into our Voicemail which had been stacking up for a few weeks.

We’ve been a little short on news on the past weeks so we made up for lost time. We address the Presbyterian Church’s recent announcement on gay marriage. We talk about a pastor who is convincing his congregation to help him fund a multi-million dollar G6 jet. We talk about Phil Collins becoming an honorary Texan because of his love for everything Alamo. A church that dumps water on the homeless to run them off then gets our attention. Then finally we talk about Portland Oregon and their lack of religious affiliations.

Bring on the Voicemail

After all this news we dive into our beloved listener’s feedback and discuss more about patriotism and the Christian. Keep the feedback coming. We want this to be a regular type of show!

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