The company has reached the eaves of Lothlorien – the Golden Wood – home to the Galadhrim. After traveling little more than a mile into the forest they came upon the Nimrodel, a stream with healing powers, named for the Elven-maid who lived beside it long ago. Join us as we continue our adventures through The Lord of the Rings.

In The Eaves Of Lothlorien

The Lay of Nimrodel and her beloved Amroth is long and sad. “It tells,” says Legolas “of how sorrow came upon Lothlorien, Lórien of the Blossom, when the Dwarves awakened evil in the mountains.’

Both Nimrodel and the Elf-king Amroth were lost to Middle-earth. But her voice can still be heard in the falls that bear her name.

‘Do you hear the voice of Nimrodel?’ asked Legolas. ‘I will sing you a song of the maiden Nimrodel’

The Lord of the Rings: One Volume, p. 339

On this episode of Secret Fire Podcast we take a closer look at the healing waters of Nimrodel and see what we can learn about the significance of water during the Jewish Feast of Succoth, also known as the Feast of Booths.

This image shows the forest of Lothlorien as depicted in The Lord of the Rings Online video game.

Middle-earth Music

The lay that Legolas sings of Nimrodel is beautiful. We are happy to share this poem set to music by Brocelïande, called “Lay of Nimrodel” from their album The Starlit Jewel.

What stood out to you in Lothlorien Pt. 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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Theme song: Hobbit’s Dance from the album Memories Of Middle Earth, by Brobdingnagian Bards

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