Frodo, Sam, and Legolas are on a talan in a mallorn tree at the biding Haldir the Elf of Lothlorien. Messengers of Elrond had given news of the travellers. When it is revealed that a dwarf is with them the Elves make it clear that he cannot pass through the Golden Wood. But Gimli is an honorable dwarf. We take a closer look at his character as we continue our adventures through The Lord of the Rings.

Lothlorien and Gimli

Dwarves are not permitted in the land of the Galadhrim, according to Haldir. His people have not had dealings with the Dwarves since the Dark Days – the long years of the Second Age when the races of Middle-earth suffered under the domination of Sauron. “But he is from the Lonely Mountain, on of Dain’s trusty people, and friendly to Elrond,” said Frodo. “Elrond himself chose him to be one of our companions, and he has been brave and faithful.”

This image shows the talan of Haldir in the woods of Lothlorien as depicted in The Lord Of The Rings Online video game.

Gimli is an Honorable Dwarf

In this episode of Secret Fire Podcast we take a closer look at Gimli. Elrond trusts him in this most important and dangerous of quests. The members of the Company can attest to his faithfulness. His folk have never had dealings with the Enemy. They have done no harm to the Elves. In his own land he is know to be true of word. Gimli is an honorable Dwarf.

Who May Dwell In Lothlorien

In the Psalms we see a picture of Gimli and his character when King David asked, “Who Shall Abide in God’s Sanctuary?”

Psalms 15 (NRSV)
Lord, who may abide in your tent?
Who may dwell on your holy hill?
Those who walk blamelessly, and do what is right,
and speak the truth from their heart;
who do not slander with their tongue,
and do no evil to their friends,
nor take up a reproach against their neighbors;
in whose eyes the wicked are despised,
but who honor those who fear the Lord;
who stand by their oath even to their hurt;
who do not lend money at interest,
and do not take a bribe against the innocent.
Those who do these things shall never be moved.

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