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Frodo finds himself refreshed after hearing Gandalf’s telling of the events at the Ford of Bruinen. He now has a mind for food and drink, and Sam, Pippin, and Merry are happy to lead their beloved Frodo to the tables of Elrond. Join us as we continue reading though The Lord Of The Rings, Book II, Chapter 1, Many Meetings.

A Dwarf Of Important Appearance

As Frodo makes his way to his table in the hall he is met with a view of Elrond with Glorfindel and Gandalf sitting on either side. In his eyes they were revealed as lords of dignity and power. At Frodo’s table on his right sat a dwarf of important appearance, richly dressed. It was none other than Glóin, one of the twelve companions of the great Thorin Oakenshield.

‘Welcome and well met!’ said the dwarf, turning towards him. Then he actually rose from his seat and bowed. ‘Glóin at your service,’ he said, and bowed still lower.

The Lord of the Rings, Many Meetings, p. 228

This image shows the Hall of Fire as depicted in the Lord Of The Rings Online game, and described in the chapter, Many Meetings.

A Friend Long Missed

No matter the conversation at hand Frodo finds that his talk returns ever to Bilbo. Glóin sees this too, for he smiled at him and said, “You were very fond of Bilbo, were you not?” Frodo replies that he would rather see Bilbo than all the towers and palaces in the world.

After the feast the company followed Elrond and Arwen into the Hall of Fire where the minstrels began to make sweet music. A small figure sitting on a stool at the end of the hall was speaking with Elrond, who motioned for Frodo. “The hour you have wished for has come,” he said. And with that the dark figure raised its head and uncovered its face.

‘Bilbo!’ cried Frodo with sudden recognition, and he sprang forward. ‘Hullo, Frodo my lad!’ said Bilbo. ‘So you have got here at last. I hoped you would manage it. Well, well! So all this feasting is in your honour, I hear. I hope you enjoyed yourself?’

Ibid., p. 230

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