Who was Melchizedek? Why is he compared to Jesus? Tune in to see the significance of this model.


In Genesis 14 we have a strange event that occurs after Abram defeats the armies of four kings. The King of Salem shows up. He is referred to as Melchizedek, a priest of the most-high God. Hmm?

He then offers Abram and his men bread and wine. Then Abram offers him a tenth of the spoils. Then he is not mentioned in the story again. This has been a source of a lot of speculation both from a Jewish and a Christian perspective. Especially since the writer of Hebrews uses Melchizedek as a model for Christ multiple times (Hebrews 7 for example).

So today we will examine what we know about this Melchizedek. We’ll look at both Biblical and extra-Biblical references to him. We’ll also ponder the question of who he might be and what the implications of that are. And finally, we will expand on how he is a model… or even perhaps an incarnation of Jesus Christ.

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