As part of our types and shadows studies we look into the story of King David’s merciful treatment of Jonathan’s son, Mephibosheth.


The history of the Kingdom of Israel reads almost like a day time soap opera or even a darker piece of pop-culture like Game of Thrones. The struggle that King David faced to actually obtain the throne God anointed him to almost insurmountable. But God blessed David with a heart to serve and persevere the countless trials and battles required.

Through the course of this action, David promised his friend Jonathan, the son of King Saul that when he took the throne, he would have mercy on Jonathan and his house. It took many years for him to finally end up on the throne and secure it militarily and religiously. But once he did, he makes good on his promise through Jonathan’s only son, a cripple named Mephibosheth.

Mephibosheth serves as a great model for us as we are the adopted sons and daughters of a King who also fulfilled a promise to redeem us. The story is short but the model is huge. Join us in studying the nuances of this heart-warming story of redemption.

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