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Isn’t it interesting that sometimes we say one word and mean something entirely different, or maybe… someone tells us something, and we completely miss the point because of the wording they use?

Misused Words of the Bible

This is a prevalent issue today. How can we communicate with each other if we don’t even speak the same language?

It reminds us of the Garden of Eden. Satan said “No no no, you will not surely DIE… but for the first time ever…. your eyes will be OPENED and you will know good and evil – and God knows it! THAT is why he doesn’t want you to eat of the fruit!”

That’s the way he works… he just creeps in.

Let’s illustrate:

Cidex vs. Cedax – Let’s say your Doctor calls in a prescription of Cedax because you need an antibiotic. However, your pharmacy tech hears Cidex instead and gives you a gallon jug of medical instrument antibiotics used for cleaning the tools. On the one hand, if you were to take Cedax, you would be on the road to recovery… but if you drank the Cidex… well, the MSDS sheets say that if you ingest it – don’t even try to throw it up, because it will chemically burn your throat! – even though they are both antibiotic

This is INCREDIBLY important not to get these two things mixed up!

So let’s imagine for a second that we are talking about biblical terms…. I wonder how catastrophic it could be if we got mixed up on terminology?

— If we literally said one thing and meant another…
— and didn’t even know it…

We previously had a podcast regarding verses taken out of context. Let’s expand on that and say.. what if we took the words from the verses that we mis-applied, and we created NEW MEANINGS for those words based on the false context. Now we just have misused words.. and we would start to plug them into other verses… or conversations…. or … sermons…

So if you think a word means one thing, and someone else thinks a word means another thing, you can’t come to an understanding! In fact, both of you may leave the discussion fully convinced that you are in agreement, but instead you completely disagree.

Here’s some of the words people often misunderstand or at least use wrong.

True / Truth

Join us as we unravel the original meanings of these words in the authors’ context versus how we might misuse them. Also know we are only touching the tip of this wordy iceberg!

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