iGCTN: Nashville Zoo In Sleepy Hollow

On this look inside the Great Commission Transmission Network we take a trip to the Nashville Zoo, get into some “hot water”, visit Sleepy Hollow, and compare door knobs to churches.

The Nashville Zoo And God’s Invisible Attributes

Psalm 19:1 says that “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork” [ESV]. And Romans 1:19 says (notice both passages are juxtaposed: Ps 19:1 and Rom. 1:19 – that’s cool and easy to remember) that “What can be known about God is plain… because God has shown it to them.” How? By “His invisible attributes, namely, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made.” Translation: God can be known by looking at the world around us. With that in mind a trip to the Nashville Zoo provided our family with a beautiful look at the power and majesty of Jehovah.

Getting Into Some Hot Water

igctn, great commission transmission network, gctnetwork, christian, vlog, aguascalientes, shelbyville, tennessee, nashville zooSometimes hot water can taste so good. Especially when it means eating at Aguascalientes in Shelbyville with a dear brother! You remember my friend Doug. He made an appearance in the “Ministering Spirits” episode of our Follow Me video series. He and I met for a “quick” lunch that lasted well over 3 hours (hey, we enjoy each other’s company, and the conversation is amazing) at the little restaurant which his parents introduced my family to several months ago. It is probably my second favorite place to eat right after Cathay Asian Bistro – which was seen in last week’s episode of iGCTN. Incidentally, Doug is also a good friend and partner of GCTNetwork as a regular donor to the ministry. If you believe that the Internet is a fertile field for spreading God’s good news of salvation found in Jesus Christ then partner with us and allow God to grow this ministry with even more programming and more workers. Our mission is to build-up the church of Christ through New Media, video & audio podcasts, and much more!

Sleepy Hollow, Too

nashville zoo, sleepy hollow, walt disney, record, rip van winkle, 1969, igctn, great commission transmission network, gctnetwork, christian, vlog, fly, fly cultural arts center, the fly arts center, shelbyville, tennesseeFinally the play that we have been waiting for! Last weekend was the opening of “The Headless Horseman” at The Fly Cultural Arts Center. Three of our kids were involved and my wife’s parents were in town for it. Normally, living so far away, they only see the kids’ plays after the fact by way of modern technology – namely DVDs. This time they were able to see both Friday and Saturday evening showings. The production was outstanding! Brenden “Brom Bones” Taylor makes a quick cameo to tell you to keep your ears open for the debut of our forthcoming podcast, Finding Christ In Cinema. Which will be available right here on the Great Commission Transmission Network, and wherever finer podcasts are served.

You’ll see all that and much more on this episode of iGCTN: Nashville Zoo In Sleepy Hollow.

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