New Video Series: Between You And Me

What makes a Study Bible your Study Bible and not so-and-so famous theologian’s Study Bible? Notes. That is, according to Michael T. In this video he says that a Bible without W I D E margins and ample space for taking notes and creating personal cross-references is not a good Study Bible.

The debut episode of our brand new video series called Between You And Me with Michael T calls on believers everywhere to examine what is important and necessary in a good Study Bible, what it means to study, and to encourage all to be as noble as the Bereans in Acts 17 in that they “they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily” to see if the things they were being taught by Paul and Silas were true.

Between You And Me with Michael T draws on the day-to-day experiences in the life of one man, and  how they may find application, instruction, or edification in the word of God.

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