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With the Noah recently on the big screen and not living up to the Biblical message it could’ve been, The Theonauts decided to take a look at the Biblical epic and see if Christ is found in the story, the characters, or the message.

Who is Noah?

Noah’s name means… rest. Jesus gives us rest. Our rest is in Him. He is our Sabbath. But what about the Noah’s lineage? Can their names also give us some insight in how Christ is being exemplified in the lives of these ante-diluvian patriarchs? Here’s a list of Noah’s heritage and what those names mean:

Adam – Man
Seth – Appointed
Enosh – Mortal
Kenan – Sorrow
Mahalalel – Blessed God
Jared – Come Down
Enoch – Teaching
Methuselah – His Death Will Bring
Lamech – Despairing
Noah – Rest

In other words, chapter 5 of Genesis represents a sentence which can be read: “Man is appointed mortal sorrow, but the blessed God shall come down teaching that His death will bring the despairing rest.” A prophecy of Jesus Christ.

How else can Noah be a type of Christ?

Noah was the savior of mankind during the flood (Genesis 7:23)
Noah was a preacher (2 Peter 2:5)
Noah built a place of safety, designed by God, built without help.
Noah brought in a new covenant with God, leading to new life.

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