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What does it take to actually stop talking about going to the world and actually go? It seems we are constantly beating ourselves up about our lack of evangelism, but it never seems to have a lasting effect on us. Why? What’s missing? Why is it so hard to do this command to go and teach?

Personal Revival and Evangelism

Maybe we need a personal revival first. In order to address these questions we want to turn to Isaiah and look at a conversion experience and a calling he received.

Isaiah 6 – This occurs at the time of King Uzziah’s death. King Uzziah (also known as Azariah) reigned in the Southern Kingdom of Judah from 767BC to 740BC prior to the Babylonian captivity. Uzziah was a good king and is ascribed as the inventor of the catapult (2 Chronicles 26). At one point he was too proud and attempted to burn incense to the Lord in the temple for which he was chastised by the high priest. God struck him with leprosy until his death. Isaiah was a prophet of God in his twenties at the time of Uzziah’s death. Isaiah was in the temple when he receives this vision.

Seeing The Glory of God’s throne (v1-4)
Ezekiel 10:18-22 – The majesty described here supersedes anything seen on Earth.
Daniel 7:9-11 – Daniel’s vision echoes that of Ezekiels.
Revelation 4 – John describes the Glory that we will someday dwell with.

Have we really experienced His presence? – (v5) The very sense of his presence commands a feeling of utter awe and unworthiness.
Exodus 3:2-6 – Moses at the burning bush.
Joshua 5:13-15 – Joshua and the Captain of the Lord’s Host
Job 23, Job 38:1-6, Job 42:1-6 – Job learns this the hard way.
Matthew 17:1-8 – Peter at the transfiguration.

Purification is required for change – (v6-7) Before being allowed an audience with God, Isaiah was purified.
Exo 30:17-21 – The Laver of the tabernacle used to purify the priests prior to entry into the holy place.

The Willing and Enthusiastic Response -(v8) God’s question is simple. Who will go? If you don’t, then who will? We should be as bold as Isaiah here as he proclaims, “Here am I, send me!”
Matthew 4:18-22 – Jesus’ disciples
Matthew 16:24 – It is all or nothing. There are no casual disciples.
Matthew 10:16-42 – And we think that we have it bad…

This service is required reguardless of the acceptance of it -(v9-13) It is not God’s purpose to shut their hearts, ears, and eyes, but He knows that the people will not heed His words and that it will simply harden their hearts and plug their ears up. But His will is the teaching of the truth in the face of rejection.
John 12:39-50 – Just like Isaiah, Jesus knew they may not listen and even quotes Isaiah here. Yet he still spake.

What types then can be seen in this?
God’s throne = God’s throne as our home
Isaiah’s reaction = Repentence and Confession
The coal from the alter = Christ from the cross
The Seraphim = The Holy Ghost
God’s question = The great commission
Isaiah’s answer = Our answer
The people’s rejection often remains the same as that of the Hebrew’s.

God’s question to Isaiah remains hanging in the air even today. “Who will go?” What is our answer? Is it “someone else”? Is it “find an evangelist, after all that’s their job”? Or is it “Here am I, send me!”

Send revival, start with me
For I am one of unclean lips
And my eyes have seen the King
Your glory I have glimpsed
Send revival, start with me
– Send Revival By Petra 2001


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