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One of the greatest sci-fi movies of them all is the 1968 classic The Planet Of The Apes. This film is full of opportunities to share the gospel with friends. We’ll show you how on this episode of Finding Christ In Cinema.

The Planet Of The Apes And The Apostle Paul

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One of the striking things that we found in The Planet Of The Apes is its similarities to the cultures and situations in which the Apostle Paul found himself at both Athens and Ephesus. Consider the following:

  • Like Athens and Ephesus, the Apes have a complex religious system
  • Like Athens and Ephesus, outside philosophies easily upset the order of business
  • Like Paul in Athens, Taylor was considered a foolish “babbler”
  • Like Paul in Ephesus, Taylor caused a riotous commotion

As you watch The Planet Of The Apes with friends and loved-ones who are doubting or not yet in a saving relationship with Jesus Christ you can point these similarities out to them. Use it as an opportunity to witness and share the Good News. Tell them that this movie reminds you of the Apostle Paul. And then point out the big difference between the two. Namely that Paul had words of  forgiveness and eternal life from God. Good news that Taylor did not deliver.

“God overlooked people’s ignorance about these things in earlier times, but now he commands everyone everywhere to repent of their sins and turn to him.” – Acts 17:30 [NLT]

Finding Christ In Cinema

This is just a sample of what we discussed on this episode. For complete show notes and other episodes of FCC visit the Finding Christ In Cinema website.

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