iGCTN: Podcast Studio Soundproofing

Soundproofing the podcast studio at the GCTNetwork has been at the top of the to-do list for quite a while. We’re happy to scratch it off on this episode of iGCTN, Inside the Great Commission Transmission Network.

Sleep Left Him

The constant thread running through the three days that comprise this episode is insomnia. Waking at 2:40 in the morning on day one of filming took its toll. In fact, the phrase “sleep left him” kept popping up in my mind, and I couldn’t remember were I had read it; but I knew that I liked the sound of it. I love words, phrases and sayings; I just don’t like writing them. It turns out that I’ve seen it in two different places. The first, Daniel 2:1 says that Nebuchadnezzar (king of Babylon) “had dreams; his spirit was troubled, and his sleep left him.” The second is from the epic of Gilgamesh where, after dreaming a dream about a wild bull in the wilderness that “bellowed and beat-up the dust till the whole sky was dark”, it is said of Gilgamesh that at midnight his “sleep left him”. Now I don’t know if either of those anecdotes apply to me, but there is your little history lesson on the phrase “sleep left him”, nonetheless. It may come in handy at a party of some sort.

Our Podcast Studio Sounds Much Quieter, Thank You

podcast, podcast studio, soundproof, soundproofing, budget, igctn, christian, new mediaAs a Digital Missionary I am most excited about soundproofing our podcast studio here at GCTNetwork HQ. You may be asking yourself what a “Digital Missionary” is (and should it be capitalized?). The Great Commission Transmission Network is a New Media ministry. In simple terms New Media refers to on-demand access to content anytime, anywhere, on any digital device. And it is the primary way that a growing number of the younger generation are consuming media. In fact, for a very large number, it’s the only way that they consume media. Even old folks like me fall into this category. My family is what you call “cord cutters” (yes, that is a real term). We have no over-the-air TV signal coming in to our house; we have no cable or satellite signal coming in to our house. Any video content that is viewed on a television here is either in the form of a DVD, or via the Internet using a Roku streaming player. Any radio stations, local or otherwise, that we listen to is done almost entirely via the Internet as well. It streams right to our computers, mobile devices, and even that previously mentioned Roku player. We can watch or listen to practically anything we want, anytime we want. We have no need for “Traditional Media“. Although, we still prefer paper books. I wrote all that to communicate this: we at the Great Commission Transmission Network see the Internet as a road to be traveled in the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus. Young people are consuming New Media, so we are producing Christian New Media. We will stay abreast of the newest technology and how it is being used in order to be Digital Missionaries for God. If you see this as an important and vital area of ministry, and would like to help further this good work, please visit our Support Page to find out how.

Back To The Podcast Studio

podcast, podcast studio, soundproof, soundproofing, budget, igctn, christian, new mediaBut we were telling you about soundproofing our podcast studio. If you have watched previous episodes of the iGCTN vlog you would know that our podcast studio is one-half of a single-car garage. It’s a pretty nice garage, in fact. The walls are finished and painted; it has a high ceiling; there is a window unit air conditioner to keep it cool; and it generally makes a comfortable additional room to the house. The only problem is that it is a very live room. That is, sound really gets a-goin’ and a-bouncing all around. What it needed was a little sound dampening; a way to keep those excited sound waves from getting too crazy. The catch is that it needed to be accomplished on a very tight budget. The solution? Moving Blankets. Watch the video and you will see us attach the blankets to 2×2’s, then suspend two vertically and two horizontally with chains and molly bolts from the ceiling. The result is a vast improvement. Even my oldest daughter – who hasn’t the faintest idea of what a sound dampened room sounds like – walked in the podcast studio, and when asked what she thought about the blankets said, “My ears feel funny in here; like they’re stopped-up a little”. Exactly.

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