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What’s pride got to do with it?!

On this episode we dive into the great “I” that is pride. Is pride a good thing? We have pride in our sports teams, in our schools, in our families, and our communities. In this modern culture, it seems that pride is a virtue. But what does the bible have to say about pride? Join us as we discuss how pride is defined scripturally.

Is pride an outcome of selfishness? Can pride ever really be a good thing? We discuss the plethora of scriptures that address this one characteristic, and what it seems to say about the human condition. Is money the root of all evil, or is it truly pride? Why are there so many bible stories in which the main character seems to struggle with this issue? Was Nebuchadnezzar so consumed by pride that he became the first case of lycanthropy? What was so bad about Naaman washing in that dirty Jordan River? Why did the Pharisee leave without his prayers being answered, when the worse one praying was obviously the publican? And speaking of bad boys, what’s up with the prodigal son getting the celebration while the older brother gets left out?

We also dive into the idea of being humbled vs. humbling oneself. What does the bible have to say about humility? We discuss how humility seems to be the cure for the curse that is pride. But we also discover that love seems to be the antithesis of pride. Find out how love ultimately conquers pride on this episode of the Theonauts!

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