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Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin have kept the Miami Dolphins Football team in the headlines recently thanks to what has been called a “restless evil”. Find out what that means on this excerpt from our youth ministry show, Youth Challenge Today.

Richie Incognito And Jonathan Martin

The following is a partial transcript from the Schwartz On Sports segment during episode 14 of the Youth Challenge Today audio podcast. In it JD gave a quick overview of the controversy involving Miami Dolphins Linemen, Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.

JD: Richie Incognito already has the reputation for being the dirtiest player in all of NFL. And I believe a couple years ago that was voted on by his peers. Apparently Jonathan Martin was a little bit “weak” in his ball playing, and so the coaches went to Incognito and said, “Toughen him up.”

A Restless Evil

richie incognito, richie incognito jonathan martin and a restless evil, youth challenge, youth challenge today, youth ministry, podcast, christian videosJD: What’s coming out now is that these guys had a friendship. But in the midst of this friendship—what we’ve continued to see through this story over the last couple of weeks is the racial slurs and bantering that Jonathan Martin had received from Richie Incognito on his cell phone. Anything from racial slurs to being cussed-out to even threatening his family. And of course anyone that would hear that would say, How in the world could you do that? Why would you do that? That is completely wrong. What is also coming out now is that Jonathan Martin would respond in this way to Richie Incognito because of their “friendship”.

JD: I’m amazed that we as a culture would act like—on either side—that it’s okay to speak to people in this way. Especially when you go to Ephesians 4:29 where [The Apostle Paul] says, “Don’t say anything that would hurt another person.”

Youth Challenge Today

richie incognito, richie incognito jonathan martin and a restless evil, youth challenge, youth challenge today, youth ministry, podcast, christian videosWait. What about this restless evil that we mentioned in the title, subhead, and body of this post? This is just a sample of what is contained in the video. And the video only gives a taste of the entire conversation—plus other topics—that we had on the full-length audio podcast. Make sure to watch the entire video to the end (trust us), and then download and listen to the full 35 minute audio podcast here. Guaranteed fun and education on the best youth ministry podcast that we know of!

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QUESTION: Have you ever had a group of friends that thought it was ok to speak to each other in a bad way? How have you encouraged friends to use uplifting words instead? Let us know in the comments below.


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